Our goal is to reinvent the commonly used sleeping mask and replace it with two comfortable and reusable skin adhesive eye patches which we call PandaEyes!

No uncomfortable straps are attached, it’s seamless, self adhesive and its finely contoured design will fit the silhouette of every facial shape around each of the eyes! PandaEyes consists of a soft pad with gentle adhesion and will comfortably stick to even the most delicate skin. The eye patches can be repositioned anytime and can be used up to ten times before washing. We want to give you a wide variety of design patterns. So from funny to discretely, everyone will find a pair you like. Furthermore, each patch can be folded but will retain its shape. Its domed shaped eye pockets above which allow room for blinking and air circulation. The design works great for a long night’s sleep to brief naps during the day. Enjoy true darkness !

100% Light Proof

They are impermeable to light rays as a result of carefully selected soft non allergenic fabrics and the silicone lining along the edges.

Non-irritating / Skin Adhesive Glue

The eye patch will stick to the face for up to 8 hours using a clinically tested silicone adhesive. The eye patch fabrics and silicone adhesive are reusable up to ten times before cleaning by applying a simple water rinse.



Individual Fit

An unnoticeable thin filament adhesive does the job of molding each eye patch over the eyes.  Each eye patch is very flexible and they can be flattened out for storage and reverts back to its original shape when re-used again.


Comfortable and Lightweight

Each patch will individually fit the unique facial contour around each eye and they consist of very light weight materials.  It’s so light weight you might forget you are even wearing them.

Who are our customers ?


Night Shift Workers

Meditation Support

People with Sleep Disorders

Surgery Patients

Migraine Patients



Enjoy True Darkness!

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